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Buy Turkish-made sofas directly from the source!

Choose from hundreds of stylish and durable Turkish-made sofas and let our proven sofa manufacturer partners produce your dream sofa as soon as possible! SofaTurkey, which has a vision to offer the best alternatives for your wholesale sofa purchases, allows you to buy custom sofas directly from the source at the most competitive prices. As SofaTurkey, we meticulously organize and follow all processes from production to delivery.

You can easily access many options such as luxury classic Turkish sofas, modular and sectional sofas, bohemian style, sleeper sofas with our advanced product filtering system.

Why choose SofaTurkey as my sofa supplier from Turkey?

When you choose SofaTurkey as your sofa supplier, you get the most competitive prices because you buy furniture directly from the source. In accordance with the contracts with the suppliers, you will reach the most efficient options in terms of quality-price with discounts for your bulk purchases.

SofaTurkey, with the quality control processes it applies, tightly follows all processes to deliver you the same furniture you see in the images.

Does SofaTurkey only offer sofas?

No. With an ever-increasing number of suppliers, SofaTurkey also offers many different options that you can use in your living space such as armchairs, office furniture, home accessories, reclining sofas, ottomans.

How can I see the sofa prices offered by SofaTurkey?

You can easily create a membership to the website and see the prices of all products. Sofa prices do not include costs such as exaggerated shipping costs, additional costs. In this way, you can see the prices in their simplest form.