How do the processes work?

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Our working principle is as follows,

– Offering furniture directly from the source – Best prices.
– Hundreds of models – Filtering system to ensure that you choose the best products for you.
– Offering products at raw cost – No exaggerated shipping costs!
– Advantage in bulk purchases – Satisfactory discounts!
– Minimum shipping costs – Special shipping prices for your order!

1) Get all prices instantly by registering on our website!

Thus, realize the affordability of the prices we offer!

2) Choose from hundreds of models with the filtering system!

Choose from more than 500 models in the style you want, in the sizes you want!

3) Add products to your cart! Discount advantage for bulk purchases!

Contact us after creating your order list to find out what deals you will be offered for purchases of $5000 or more!

4) Get discounts, shipping, color options and all the details quickly!

Now that you have selected the products and quantities, get in touch with our expert team to get all the other details instantly!

5) Get information about your order at any time during production!

Follow your order closely by requesting photos and videos at any time!