Shipping & Customs

Directly from the source!

We do not add exaggerated shipping costs to product prices!

As SofaTurkey family, we offer you Exwork Factory prices.

So you can get the price of all products directly from the source!

Shipping Costs will be calculated after you create your cart “to get the most affordable shipping price“.

We support our customers in all processes with our expert team to manage the most transparent and affordable shipping processes.

So literally, we offer furniture prices directly from the source...

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Customs and logistics?

Don’t worry.

Trust our export experience to more than 70 countries.

We will help you manage the entire process from your purchase to your doorstep.

78% of our customers prefer to organize the transportation themselves.

This way they get the products at the most competitive shipping prices.

 Of course, we help all our customers in these processes.

How can I find out the tax and transportation fee I will pay for the products?

Customs costs vary according to countries.

Transportation costs also vary from country to country, as well as from different cities in the same country.

For this reason, contact us after creating your cart.

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