Texas Sofa Set

Texas Sofa Set will be the new star of your living room with its elegance, affordable price and durability!

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Buy durable and affordable sofas that fit your style directly from the source! SofaTurkey™ offers you price-value sofa models for those who want to buy sofas in Turkey, with both retail and bulk purchase options, in cooperation with sofa workshops that are experts in their field and have high product quality standards.


Texas Sofa Set is 235 cm from outside to outside.

230 CM 100 CM 85 CM : Sofa

90 CM 110 CM 50 CM : Armchair

It has a mechanism that can open its arms and back. When you open the arms completely, it is 260 cm long.
It is upholstered with 1st class wipeable fabric made of velvet.

The frame used consists of 2 years kiln dried hornbeam wood and MDF.

Fabric and wood color can be changed.

It is a complete pleasure armchair.

Back cushions are fixed.

Back cushions are filled with 80% fiber.

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